Hard and soft tissue regeneration in combination with 3D printing


Hard and soft tissue regeneration in combination with 3D printing

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24 02 2018


1 Lesson


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Contemporary patient expectations have made esthetics a major requisite of all treatment plans, especially in situations where there is a high smile line. Although new restorative materials have highly improved predictability and esthetic outcomes, soft and hard tissue management play a fundamental role when working in esthetic areas. To achieve ideal esthetics, preservation of the natural soft and hard tissue architecture is a primary clinical objective. These new proposed techniques that combine biology to modern technologies, illustrate the importance of pre-prosthetic soft and hard tissue management when working both in the aesthetic and functional areas.

The Course will be divided in 1 full day from 8am to 8pm and will cover all soft and hard tissue regeneration topics – It will include a hands on part using the doctors patient 3D printed CTscan individualized model.

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Full day program: Morning – Introduction to the topics
  • Advances in Hard and soft Tissue Augmentation in the Aesthetic Zone: How to achieve better esthetic and functional results
  • Predictable Alveolar Ridge Augmentation Using resorbable and non-resorbable membranes and 100% Allograft – Utilization of 3D
  • Printing Technology to Enhance Surgical and Prosthetic Outcomes. Review of Hard Tissue Regeneration
  • Soft Tissue Closure of Grafted Extraction Sockets in the Anterior Maxilla: A Modified Pedicle Palatal Connective Tissue Flap Technique. Review of Soft tissue regeneration
  • Hands-on
Covered topics will be:
  • Principles of GBR
  • History of bone regeneration
  • Biological principles of GBR
  • Ridge Augmentation techniques
  • Titanium Mesh GBR novel protocol
  • Resorbable membranes in GBR - How far can we push it today?
  • Flap designs, management of flaps and suturing techniques
  • Advances in achieving primary closure in extensive GBR cases
  • Management of GBR complications
  • Biomaterials options: which bone and which membrane?
  • 3D printing and GBR
  • Soft tissue management after GBR
  • Use of AlloDerm for enhancing soft tissue architecture
  • Pedicle connective tissue grafts vs. free connective tissue grafts
  • Comprehensive treatment planning of complex soft and hard tissue defects in the Aesthetic area
  • Management of complex cases and complications - Where to start and how to proceed? A novel approach