Bone Regeneration

The edentulism of the jaws and the periondontal disease are conditions that could lead to disruption of the alveolar bone and then to creation of crestal defects or situations of maxillary atrophy. The restoration of the functional condition involves the use of biomaterials such as membranes and bone grafts.

Bone grafting

In a bone graft surgery, the dentist will use a special bone grafting material, and apply it onto the area that needs to be regenerated. The formation of new bone usually takes from 6 to 9 months allowing your regenerated jaw bone to be strong enough to support a future dental implant.

Dr Cicero is one of the leading voices in Bone Regeneration procedures having developed cutting-edge protocols that make use of the latest technologies and materials, with a high percentage of success and satisfaction by the patients.

Bone grafting using 3d printing technology

3D printing technology enables dentists to create a three-dimensional model of the oral cavity of their patients. This printed model facilitates patient’s understanding of their intra-oral situation and enables the dentist to plan and prepare surgeries with more precision and comfort. Dr. Cicero has developed the latest software for 3d printing technology in bone regeneration ( that easily converts patients CBCT Scans into a 3d printed model ready to use for patient communication and surgery planning.

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