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Ever since I was a child, I had a vivid dream that drove me – to follow in my father’s footsteps and forge my own path in dentistry.

At 14, I began shadowing him at our family practices in Rome, and that’s when the realization struck: dentistry was destined to become not just my career, but my life’s purpose.

Since that moment, I decided to turn my journey into dentistry into a challenge to find the best solutions to help my patients. I devoted my time to studying, doing research and listening to my patients’ needs so that I could be able to put my expertise to good use.

Championing Global Horizons

Encouraged by my parents, who wanted me to embrace a more global perspective, I left Italy for the United States at 16, motivated to broaden my horizons. My time there immersed me in a vibrant, diverse student community, fostering a worldly outlook.  Even as I pursued dental studies and collaborated in my father’s Rome practice, I knew that I wanted more from my career as a dentist.

The Turning of the Tide

My tireless ambition and hard work soon paid off. After five transformative years in Rome, I seized an opportunity that felt like destiny: I enrolled in a world-renowned Periodontal residency program, nestled in the heart of New York City.

In those pivotal years, my passion found its focus within the realm of periodontics. This period brought me in contact with a new family of fellow clinicians, whose influence continues to shape and inspire my work.

Navigating Two Worlds:

At present, my work straddles two countries – Italy and the United States.

My dedication is deeply rooted in research, education, and pioneering patient care. My main interests revolve around innovative protocols and pushing the boundaries of my profession.

Witnessing the Transformative Power of Dentistry:

The simple act of smiling has the potential to reshape lives, and in my journey, I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative power of restoring my patient’s smiles.

The cities I serve and the patients I treat are wellsprings of motivation and inspiration. Today, I stand poised to continue my life’s vocation – a commitment to rekindle smiles and ignite hope.

And yet, this is only the outset. My vision extends to contributing to shaping the future of dentistry, inspiring the generations to come. The era belongs to those who dare to dream, and now, the time is ripe to transform dreams into reality.

I am Dr. Giuseppe Cicero, I am a dedicated periodontist and my mission is to rebuild smiles and make a lasting impact on people’s lives with my medical skills.

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